About us

Illuminate is a line of affordable, luxury skin care.

We are a family run, ethical brand, built on a foundation of integrity and evolving with authenticity. Our passion is educating our customers on the benefits of natures medicines, through the use of essential oils, minerals, herbs and other natural ingredients. 

Illuminate essentials, provide what the majority of products on the current market do not. We are 100% natural, plant based, cruelty and  most importantly, preservative free.
Created with the conscious consumer in mind, for those that care about the impact the products and the packaging they use, has on their health and the environment.
We want you to experience the magical benefits of forgotten, ancient ingredients. Our products are the prevention and the cure, suitable for all skin types, ages and genders.

To change the world, we decided to start by changing ourselves, hopefully inspiring you to do the same.

ILLUMINATE yourself!