Illuminate products are hand-made in small batches to ensure quality, using only carefully selected, natural and organic ingredients, with no harmful preservatives or chemicals.

Love yourself and find your natural glow with our illuminate essentials range.  

They reflect our belief that nature knows best. 

Featured Products

Repair - Cleanse/Tone/Mist

Cleanse with this colloidal copper & Frankincense mist to repair, revive and tighten your skin.


Rose Petals, Turmeric, Pink Clay, Light Exfoliation Face Mask

Gently purify & exfoliate your skin with this moisturising mask, and leave your skin with a radiant glow. 

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Nourish Face Serum

Moisturise with this blend of powerful anti-aging ingredients, to nourish, soothe and illuminate your skin.

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After a long and busy week, this mask has helped me bring my skin back to life on a Sunday evening. 
It has helped me rebalance my skin and detoxify from excess use of make up. This is also a great hang over cure. 
My skin feels refreshed, bright and smooth afterwards. 

Instagram @emotive_bubblez

The Serum absorbs easily and quickly leaving no oily residue nor oily shine on my face.
I have been using the product for the past 3 days as part of my daily routine in the morning and at night. My face feels extremely soft and smooth and I have noticed that small dry patches on my forehead are disappearing and much less visible - IN 3 DAYS! Overall my face has a healthy glow - IN 3 DAYS!


This toothpaste is great, I met these guys at a festival and assumed it would be really gritty and I was so pleasantly surprised! The minty flavour is great too.
Its so nice to find a product with transparent properties, no nasty chemicals involved at all!

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